Limb By Limb

Limb by limb I fulfill my purpose

Parallel growth

As above so below

An instinct ingrained after god’s first touch

A clear linear purpose

As my mother and father before me

And their father and mother before them

We have joyful conversations with the sun

An intimate relationship with the earth

Kissed by the breeze 

And kept company by the many dwellers of the wilderness

All with a purpose

An eternal symbiosis born of wordless vows

Never broken 

Never questioned

Limb by limb

I grow with the breath of life surrounding me

Vast areas of land unbrozen by the rough hands of the west unlike some

Unpolluted by grey fog or white lights made by man

But here there are only ancient emerald spires

My kin My home My family

Russling a chorus of 

“Live well if not long, be brilliant, be strong.”

And I try

Every breath I try I try

My purpose is clear My way is straight

But there are wolves in these woods

Boots that crunch and curse and kill

Limb by Limb

I am dismembered

Uprooted and brutalized by calloused greedy hands

No one has come for me

No advocate for the defenseless

The battered few that have become many

No sanctuary

And with ever grind of greeds sharp teeth

My life is null perverse and lost

I am broken

Broken open

And sucked dry of my gorgeous purpose


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Our world
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