Lights of Eternity


United States
25° 54' 1.3968" N, 80° 8' 54.3876" W

Time, born a stubborn son of the universe, its own laws does it solely obey
For though so readily minutes may pass, and hours dismissed
Like the sun at once emits ‘goodbyes; ‘hellos’, with one soft ray
Time is not away so easily kissed

Time cannot be killed, stolen, or more, destroyed
And though hours, minutes, seconds found days of long extent
Misfortunate it is that we are strictly allowed a meager share, the rest void
A fleeting gleam of light, among thousands, that which our soul does rent

So conditional a gift is time, for a purpose from our borrowed beings we must raise
‘Absurd’ we cry; impacts are not born over a blooming sunrise nor a blurry sunset
Yet the sun everyday falls to rise with promises of chance for brighter rays
Time is a generous gentleman, he gives not one sunrise, one sunset; never forget

Consume the almighty sun in the grand presence time has granted so fairly
For even as the final sunset nears, beams of argent aurora glow defiantly in eternity


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