the lighthouse

I am the stone

built brick by brick
I am the 
indestructible wall
designated to keep 
danger at bay
I am the light
the light that has all the answers
I am the guide in the dark
to all the lost
and damaged
help I need more cement
help my bricks crack
help my wall cracks
help my light fades
help I am have no words
help I am lost
I am the lighthouse
I am crumbling
this lighthouse can no longer guide you
this lighthouse has been starved
of energy 
help I am damaged
how can I help you
when my own light doesn't work
help I am damaged
when the sailors seek my light
I still give it to them
I let them get close to me
help I am damaged
they get close
to my harbor with their boats
they make waves against me
but me the strong lighthouse
I can take it
I am strong 
I have always been strong
my walls are strong
but they do not last
my walls are beginning to crack
they are going to crumble
I don't know how much more batter 
they can take
I don't know how many more I can guide
I am damaged 
but the sailors are counting on me
I am damaged 
but I cannot take a day off
I am damaged 
if it meant you could live. 
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