Light Vs. Dark

Light is something so pure yet so overwhelming 

Darkness is something so calm yet so fearful.

Is this what you're bipolar disorder felt to you?

The days we spent sitting on the monkey bars

The laughs and fights that filled our bond

my young mind never comprehended.

You seemed like a different person everyday, 

I called you “crazy”,  “physco”, and even “mental” 

We were best friends but I was also an unknowing bully,

we were soul sisters and you tried to make me understand

my young mind never comprehended

We grew apart, my mind grasped that you didn't like me 

you would turn our friendship on and off in a second

I was young and naive but now im smarter

now I get how much you struggled to be “normal”

I don't fully understand you but I atleast now know

And i'm sorry, wherever you are now.

I'm sorry that my young mind never comprehended 


But now I comprehended.


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