The Light of Love

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 11:27 -- lena999

Love is like a light that shines through an object, a prism.
As it shoots its light at what seems to be a plain, transparent glass, or plastic..
whatever product it may be.. Its light refracts and disperses into an array of colors… So beautiful that one cannot withstand its sight…

As the light shines through the prism it changes what seems to be a two-dimensional object into 3D. Surpassing beyond what is expected of a shard of glass, or plastic
…or whatever the prism may be…

you see… light shows the prism’s true entity…and that entity is not seen by the naked eye until there is light.
It is only through light that one can truly see color in what seems to be a colorless object..

Love is the light.

Love goes beyond the surface of skin, and attacks what is within.
Once lit, love shines so bright that it blinds our perception of color…and instead of seeing each other as black, or white, or brown, or yellow..
….or whatever the color maybe, we start to see each other internally…we see the rainbow hidden beneath the surface of our skin, or the circumstances that we were raised and are currently in.

We see the unimaginable array of colors so beautiful…that we cannot withdraw our lingering eyes away .

Love, when lit, strikes us to see past our colorblind eyes.. and makes us aware of the true colors.
Without love… we are blind.

yours  truly,


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