The LIGHT at the end of the tunnel

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 18:17 -- godspen

As I stand on the alter hands held high
Twisting, shouting, out of my mind
In the spirit, moved by Gods grace
To be thankful is what I can do, at least
I graduated on time
Got my first place
And working full time in my selected field
When I think of what others dont have I twist and shout
Gods mercy bought me out
When I think of what I can give back
I twist and shout
Eternal love
He has given
No matter how many times I was driven
Away by the world
Now thats a love that I can share at a time when its needed the most
Ill teach you a dance that can be done even when it looks like theres darkness or no way out twist and shout

God will always bring you out


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