The Light 

The light in your eyes 
is starting to fade away 
just like night into day, 

Your words cut deep within 
my heart like a bladed glass 
I try so hard to keep up a good
front that nothing is wrong, 

But inside my head and my heart 
is remembering every nasty word 
you ever said, 

You are constantly fight with me 
who's right and Who's wrong 
what a said way this is going,

As soon as I start to feel I can
grasp for air 
you start it up all over again 
head to let this pain run 

Now I have too accepted that you are 
now long gone with someone new 
I had enough of the blues, 

The taste of happiness has faded 
to another place were silence made Home  
this feeling that hunts at me 
I must scream, 

I feel the cuts that eat at my soul
I hold on to myself looking around 
our old cold beaten down room, 

I started having a visions 
that captive within myself  
feels as if someone pulling the rug
out from me, 

Oh, I cannot breathe  
Please someone help me 
I fall off my feet onto my face 
my heart does feel a beat
I had been cut too deep,

I don't want to give up  
but this is too ruff for me 
to handle all on my own 

You left me with all the blames 
and so much pain that won't go away 
This is killing me slowly within 

Am holding it all in 
how much can one person take
I try with all my might to let it all end, 

Why darkness try's so hard to make it's 
way end another time at my mind 
fall over me the cloud of gray, 

When death has taken its course 
this is not who I'm supposed to be  
I always try to remain bright
in the love of my God, 

But this time my heart holds glimmering
dark stones of You and I of all the wrongs  
Light of a lost souls
I must get my feeling back right,

I call on you my God Jehovah
to let me run free until I have finely find me  
I am asking you my God to help me please,

dust me off from all my sinful ways 
let me see brighter days to run in the race.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2013

The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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