Lifting the Skin Off Your Back


Think not of it as a whirlpool in an empty tub of ice,

Think of it as a riptide of rocks in a field of grass.

Look at this as if the world was in your palms as you subside;

Listen to our horrifying melody and hope to enjoy a good laugh.



Begin to count your toes and scare away the sheep in your mind.

Twice the moon light's distance is where you're set to find

A horrid demon clenching gods face scarred in angels blood.

I long to taste the fear in your humbled hugs.




Hide me in the warmth,

The warmth of the dark waters.

Bright, too bright to see in the dark;

Dark, too dark to cry in happiness.




Bury me deep inside the shallow chasm of your chest.

Let me embrace the density of your smoke-filled lungs.

Let me die lying on your starlit eye lids;

Embrace me with open lies.




Darling of the last doll,

Full of nothing but none.

Fill me with something but some.

Doll me up with leaves of fall,

Doll me up with leaves of fall,

Cover me up in barks of dusk.




Pretend I'm perfect,

Hope in me the worst of the snow.

Lust me in your nightmares,

Lust me in the best moments of the worst.




Push me into your blood drenched breasts;

I'll eat out of your seeping cries.

Blame my tears of happy joy,

I swear I will not, won't, can't, never, try.




I'll push away,

And I'll push away,

And I'll pull back in,

And I'll begin again.




I'll push away,

And I'll push away,

But this time you won't come back in;

This time it ends.




No matter the purpose,

No purpose for the matter,

The water was never cloudy white

As to wish the crystal clear to return.




And the thoughts could never surpass the events of chain,

Of chains to the wall,

Chains to the heart,

To the mind,

I'll find,

I'll find...




I'll find a period to end this sentence with;

I'll find;

I'll find a purpose for this poetic drought;

I'll find a poem for this shit.




I'll write a song worth a million in tears and a penny in joyful shouts.

You'll see the end to this painful joy of laughter and your playful coy.

I'll see the door with bloodshot eyes and tired arms,

You'll see the sky.

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I could not fall asleep the night i wrote this poem, so i pulled my notes and wrote my thoughts away. This is basically the unedited abstarct imagery of my mind from that night. The only part i changed was "A horrid demon clenching gods face scarred in angels blood." I had originally written "A bunny in a purple tutu scarred in angels blood. I thought that by doing that change the line would have sounded better. Other than that, not a word, comma, period, or anything else, was changed.

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