Lift ya head up RIP jasmine


life is a bleesing but life aint fair

blows from each direction put a knife right here

dreams aint distant but they dont seem near

so the first we gotta do is face our own fears

i know the world beats you down alot feeling your down and out

you just gotta know this isnt your final stop

i ponder about a life with out struggle

a life without pain

a life without muscle

a life without strain

im starting to think that life is like a diamond in a chain

like the cold transition from the soil to the flame

from the flame it emerges from the fire once again 

to be placed on the head in the crown of a king

human beings do the same as the bling

we begin to feel the pain of the flame as we change rearrange in transition


Detroit i respond in an obstacle in the heart of the winter when weather is like a popscicle 

nobody ever see nothing

fail to give the cops a call, 5.0 be poppin all, death before dishonor falls

all on the same block, chopped by the same block, shot by the same cop

didnt slavery end man dam when will the rain stop 

the clouds are tired of crying for little kids who are dying

mommy or daddy give up because they tired of trying 

locking on on my brain

im about to go insane

i cop another ring so that i wont be afraid to do the same as the bling

i began to feel the pain of the flame as i change rearrange in transistion 

sending these transmisions this is just food for thought i cooked in the kitchen 




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