Lifetimes of Learning

3 boys, several eviction notices, and 1 late energy bill later,

You still manage to shine like the light You are.

Provider, Protector, and Nurturing piece of the Creator You are blossoming into the woman You always knew was there.

Entry into the nursing program You work so hard for is the beginning of this black girl magic.

There is greatness inside of You---I---Me.

The You that decided I would always work towards a better Me was once outshined by fear,

but those days are long gone.

There have been many times You wanted to cry and give up but You....

You've began to understand our place.

From that discovery I've learned and loved so many things---people---places.

Even given Me a chance to reclaim ancestrial DNA and profess self love.

That diagnosis of Autism given to that perfect baby boy never stopped You from loving him.

It only Me that much more of an advocate.

His father walking away was finally accepted because that bs he was giving wasn't enough

and I wasn't having it.

Those speeches You gave Me in the mirror were beyond motivating. 

I will make sure those affirmations are heard,

Those obstacles mean nothing,

And those dreams are manifested into realities.

We were once separated but now that we work as a unit, 

Roles accepted--- 

We've become unstoppable!

No matter what tries to stop us,

You, I, and Me will do whatever we set out to do in the most elegant yet lit way.

We possess lifetimes of learning.

It took 365 days to realize it.

Now that we know,

What are we going to do?

What are we going to do?


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