This Lifetime

This Lifetime

I believe you are the happy to my ending

The love to my making

The Darius to my Nina

Yea, it’s a love jones and every day I fiend for you

We parted ways many times and the melody in my mind’s atmosphere was, “I guess I’ll see you next lifetime”

No, scratch that

Today, in my mind you’re mine

I remember you said to me, “I like your style”

I responded with, “I like your style”, and it made you smile

Let me be your reality as well as your escape

We’ve known each other for more than half our lives, you know you’re my soulmate

I won’t push. I will go with the flow as you say

I will leave it up to fate

I’m here, hereto one day be your Black Queen and watch our love levitate

But please know that in my mind I already have our wedding date

So, hurry up, don’t be late

Til’ then, my cup runneth over and my feelings for you will never dissipate




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