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Turn me on with a little love song

Get me going with a bit of ear blowing

Paint my heart with a bit of love art

Take my hand and pull me to the bed

Hold my face with that gentle grace

Caress my cheek to make my knees go weak

Kiss my neck to make me a wreck

Take off my clothes and hold me so close

Push me down with my face in a cloud

Roughly sqeeze and smack and tease

My ass turns red so I turn my head

Tell me to beg and tears I will shed

You smirk and wink while I blush pink

Fingers dance where there used to be pants

I whimper and shiver so you go deeper

You feel so right inside me at night

You lick and lick so I restrain my kicks

I moan and then hiss from your free hand's kiss

Each movement is slow but I want much much more

Pull out the fakes and the things that vibrate

Punish me and drive me crazy

Push me to the edge and make me meet the ledge

All because I love you and I know you love me too


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