Life's Heist


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Here I sit at my desk watching the world beneath me.
Watching the adventures that surround my dull life.
And here I sit watching myself fade in the pits of misery.
But the thing I loathed most about this horrid emotion,
Is the fact that I do not know how to bring it to an end.
So I will wait here for the moment to come my way.

Sure enough, a shadow appeared in my vision’s way.
I glanced back to see a dark man standing behind me.
The ominous individual gave me a frozen stare that would not end.
He would pull out a dagger. I was sure it was the end of my life.
The man then retorted a sinister message with no emotion.
But his threat implied my survival would depend on other’s misery.

He led me down a peaceful path at knifepoint. Here begins the misery.
His path stopped at a bank, where he would tell me to “Lead the way.”
I was handed a gun and a worn out ski-mask to conceal my emotion.
“Get the money and leave” were the only words that he told me.
The plan sounded simple, but it would be as difficult as life.
After this moment, once dull soul of thee would come to an end.

My heart was racing as if my eternal soul was going to end.
I loaded my gun. I put on my mask. I prepared to cause misery.
I marched through the doors. I fired a shot. I feared my own life.
Then I jumped over the counter with no man in my lethal way.
I grabbed some riches for that devil, and I even snatched some for me.
And for some reason the only thing I felt was a proud emotion.

As I departed my mess, my only sight was faces filled with tragic emotion.
They felt as if this was scene in a scary movie that needed to end.
And here I stand watching what I brought to the world beneath me.
The adrenaline rush was over, now renewed my old misery.
Where is the pride in destroying all that resides in my way?
For a moment I actually thought this was what I wanted in life.

The dreadful sins of one day outweighed the good of my entire life.
My corrupted mind was filled with a flurry of horrendous emotions.
All I could imagine was the evil joy that occurred when I got my way.
My old view of the world should have never come to an end.
Now I stand with my head to the floor, feeling more than misery.
To make the worse, for the first time ever the world was watching me.

Then it dawned during my misery that he was the one who ruined my life.
I would not feel this dreadful emotion. I would not let him get his way.
I grabbed the gun beneath me and I compromised my sins with my life’s end.

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