Life's A Bitch

Every time I gain a little ground
Life comes along and knocks me back down.
And when I get up, and I dust myself off
This bitch looks at me, rolls her eyes, and scoffs.
Now I've heard that life's a bitch, but I'd never believed it
Some say she's a bully and now I'm starting to see it.
She don't give a damn about you, or if you're having a bad day
You'd better give her your attention, or there'll be hell to pay.
Life ain't concerned at all about how much you cry,
She will ride your ass until the day you die.
She can be real unfair, and she can be cold
But she can also be a gift, that's what I've been told.
You only get one, so please treat her with care
And heed my warning, or she'll be a burden to bare.
If you neglect her you'll regret it until you're dead and gone,
But Life, being the bitch that she is, will still continue on.

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