Life's Biggest Stage

What changed in 20-16?

For me, it brought many firsts and lasts

An election unlike one ever seen

With excitement TRUMPing all in the past


My interest in politics grew even higher

Although, I'd followed since '08

Serving one's country, I began to admire

As it is time to choose my occupational gate


I realized my strengths, and those on the contrary

Speaking and presenting in front of a crowd

I realized the skills that my father does carry

Might be right up my alley, oh, how he'll be proud


With my goals in mind, I enter adulthood

18, college, and a job to find

But with sports and my friends I began to wonder how could

I ever leave any of this life behind


I've grown up in Freeland, a town of not many

And become so close with so many here

And as I grow it's rather uncanny

How hard it is to move away when all I love is near


Perhaps the single most prominent thing

Have been the memories I cherish through sports

Espeically in football, chasing a ring

With 10 brothers beside me always striving for more


The game of football has taught me about life

Itching for greatness, working together

And that's why the ending hurt like a knife

Knowing that I was done playing forever


20-16 brought so many memories

None of which that I'd be willing to change

With the lessons I've learned now I know I'll be

Able to take on life's biggest stage.




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