Life's a Beautiful Thing

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 22:54 -- eborjes

Life's a beautiful thing

    look at the sky and listen closely, you can hear the Angels sing

    those are loved ones we have lost finally getting their wings

Have you ever lost somebody?

   I bet that you have cause nobody has ever lost nobody

    you've probably felt that deep pain in your body

    people saying I'm sorry, "if you need someone call me you can rely on me"

    Well I wish I could take away your pain

   I wish I could bring sunshine and get rid of the rain

    but theres not much I can do, its a shame 

Life is nothin but a game, you win for a while and you lose in the end

Its game over and no one knows when

It's hard staying sober when your losing your friends

You become an alcoholic, heres a hotline you should call it

I even put the number on a card, keep that in your wallet

You thought this poem would be harmless 

this wasnt what you expected, you were misderected 

These arn't kind words and I dont neglect, theyre far from my bestest

sorry for my grammar im just not that intrested, sorry I mean interested 

Im slurring my words, my right can't think mind when it hurts 




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