Life's a Beach & I'm Writing Poetry on It

Poetry, it's inexplicable, it has no boundaries, no limits, no rules

And I'll admit, being a self professed poet makes me feel quite cool 

Which is what drew me to it 

I became more cunning, and even gained some wit

It wasn't a fairy tale beginning, poetry didn't come into my life by a bird holding a poem in a bottle

It came into my life impromptu, I felt as if I was Aristotle 

Questioning reality, and testing the waters from lake unknown

And as I ventured on this poetry escapade, I realized how much I've grown

From someone who knew not of rhyme scheme

To someone who has so much poems to offer that they're bursting at the seams

Once I started poetry, I knew that I was bound

To write poetry that strives to be profound 

It's like poetry is my superpower

And my kryptonite is running out of word power

Poetry makes me feel like a bird fresh out of it's cage 

It makes me feel as if life's a book and I'm moving onto the next page

It makes me feel as if I just climed Mt. Everest and took in that first breath of fresh cold air 

It makes me feel like there isn't a thing to worry about, not even my messed up hair

And when times got rough

Where I felt as if I wasn't good enough

Poetry reassured me

It helped me feel as if I was free

Free from all my troubles and fears

Like i was floating in a bubble, seeing the world crystal clear

Poetry is another pleasure in life to take in and behold

So many stories told

Without the need to turn a page, without the need to speak, the words turn the page and speak for themselves


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