Life,love & death

Life is not easy because you have to pay rent , school , food , water but especially if love fails us or break the heart we must continue with all these
things , working and loving , too loving with heartbreak, life is not easy but is worth living to learn to know the sugar and sal.Hasta where we are able to love and if really worth , we can pass that limit , because love is not a game, are steps slowly and much walking is beyond intensity with which we have, beyond the way we grew up to be , love is all that not taught us feel to go through the middle of everything and everyone , without causing harm to others , love is more than what we were taught , what we were not told they had to care more, it is an inhuman secret without instructions but made ​​for the human being fair , especially first with facts and not just words, love are not excuses , are not crap , regardless of material things that come and go and to the tomb we are not going to take them.


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