Your knees are weak, the world looks bleak.

Your head is flustered, thoughts swarming in a cluster,

they crash together like pots and pans,

you can only hold yourself together so long with just your own two hands.

So I'll turn mine to you, use them as glue.

I'll hold you and if needed, I'll hold my breath, too.

Because "Don't hold your breath," means hopelessness,

and for hopelessness, I couldn't hope less.

My dear, the world around is full of drear,

but let that not belittle your burdens, failures and fears.

Someone else's problems are bigger than yours,

but yours should not be swept under the rug

and hidden behind closed doors. 

They deserve to be heard, just as a melody or song,

and my dear, my dear, I'll listen all life long.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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