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I used to believe that lovewas in the way you made me feelon the best of days: the days my heartwas the feathered wings of a hummingbirdbeating so fast, I no longer touched the ground—the days you took me up to where the stars were so close, I could pocket them.I used to believe that love wasmeasured simply by the days you brought me the stars,not by the nights when the stars exploded in a ball of purple plasma in my fingertips and burned me, with only a string of“I love you”s as the fire died away See, fire is a double-edged sword and whileit burns a bright and brilliant bonfire,it also consumes.You were the lantern, and I the firefly—my desire and my naiveté left me in ashes. But I am not naïve anymore. You cannot say that I need you,as if my whole life before youwas not living. You cannot pretend youare the house to shelter me in the stormwhen rather, you are the storm,and my resolve is the roof.I am my own hero in this fairy tale. You cannot cling to me as if I am your lifeline—as ifI am the only thing filling your lungs with air.People are not oxygen, andyou cannot breathe me in,even if it’s the only way to keep meclose to your heart, andall to yourself. You cannot "love" me anymore,Because if this is love, I do not want it. I do not want your breathDown my back as you monitor my every stepBut then blame it on the breeze.I do not want your lipsNear enough for you to feed methe lies I wish to chew on.I do not want to play the partIn your twisted drama That you have chosen for meAgain and again. I do not want to be “yours” anymoreSo do not tell me youLove me one last timeSo you can give meAnother excuse to stay. 

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