Life, You Are Beautiful

Tue, 01/30/2018 - 16:38 -- bdean4


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Dear life,

You are beautiful. All of the trials; all of the struggles.

She just lost her unborn baby due to violence. She had been hoping for a girl. 

He lost his job and his ever-growing son. He feels he has nothing left. 

They found themselves in a foreign country, fighting for their lives. They thought the drugs would be cool to try.

A young teen got pregnant at 17, but the father was busy in jail.

So she gave that baby up for adoption, but the bond made it hard.

An old man lost his life a smidge too early because his cancer decided to grow.

He was the best outdoorsman I’d known who walked all over those grand mountains.

A nephew of mine has an alcoholic as a mother who decided to be irresponsible.

That resulted in a pregnancy she didn’t care for, so she terminated it before it had a chance at life.

My sister is depressed, and left me with a terrifying text message.

It woke me up from a late night’s rest, and had me worried for her life.

Thankfully, she is still here, but she will still fall into a mental abyss from time to time.

But with all of these heartaches, where is the beauty?

It is not in the trials themselves. 

The light of it comes when that wise saying comes true:

“You grow through what you go through.”

The beauty comes forth then. Because the darkness will fade and the brightness of hope will outshine it all.

The happiness will make an appearance, even after the storm did strike.

Because the rose garden needed that storm to give it the nourishment it needed to be strengthened.

And because that rose garden is more beautiful than ever after the storm, it only makes sense that life does that for us too.

Life, you are beautiful. Struggles, trials, storms, and all



the girl who witnessed it all



This poem is about: 
My family


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