The Life of the Worldparty


United States
40° 3' 15.282" N, 85° 57' 3.2112" W

At Walmart, oh what I’ve seen:
Hitler in the fruit
section studying obsequiously grapes
fallen from the bunch

The Buddha with his eyes closed,
having wandered inside incidentally,
feeling always the spray of the
timed mists

A Prince stumbling into the furniture and
inspecting lazily all the frozen foods -
he shakes his head regardless

You by the meat and combs
You by the greeting cards and stationary
You by the baby’s clothes

I am simply, one can observe,
carted around by my mother while
I contemplate the cigarettes and the vodka,
scribble in a notebook and ogle pretty

Those timid souls of the world stay far
from Walmart, bittersweet
tender souls


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