This Life We Live

Our lives can be stupid

Our lives can be dull

Our lives can be happy

But we may never truly know

Sometimes to me life feels like a cassette player stuck on repeat

Repeating the same song, over, and over again

Nothing changing from the previous time

The same lyrics, the same melody, every single time

For a while, nothing will change, unless we decide to move forward

And realize that this song is dead

There’s no need to play it anymore

It will just damage our ears; there is no use to fix it

Just push forward and discover new things

These songs and their melodies

It won’t hurt just to listen to something different

If you don’t like it than just change it to something new

Therefore, it’s up to us to make that big decision with our life

We have the controls in our hands and we decide where to go

But just don’t forget who you are

Hit the rewind button once in a while and remember where you started

Because it’s moments like those that will make a difference in your life


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