The Life Way Street

The road is dark and dreary

My feet are getting weary

Of the Life Way Street


My eyes are not adjusting

My mind is mistrusting

On the Life Way Street


I was told of a light

That took away the night

At the end of Life Way Street


But I can't see a thing

As to a tree I cling

At the side of Life Way Street


Then I spot it clearly

A thing that I hold dearly

Before me on Life Way Street


A friend with a smile on

And a shoulder to cry on

Standing on Life Way Street


"Nobody could travel alone,"

Said the friend in gentle tone

"Upon the Life Way Street.


"I will travel with you

And we shall start anew

As we go down Life Way Street."


So they walked off arm in arm

And the friend warded off the harm

As they traveled down Life Way Street.

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