Life (as Warm as My Beating Heart)

Around us is only warmth.
Inside me is only one sound.

We can see colors contrast,
Breaking through our windows.

Winter has turned to spring,
Summer yet to come.

We play in mornings light,
Where the suns rays

Touch nothing but the leaves
And make our hair glow.

Soft shadows follow us like dogs,

Leashed to our backs as we face the sun.

Who says mediocrity cannot be beautiful?
I can see it in the sky.
Cool blue as it rests on the horizon.
I can feel it in the breeze.
Brushing my hair away,
Caressing my cheeks.
The air smells like freshly cleaned clothes
And something sweet.
All the harshness that clouded
My vision
Disappeared like an eraser on a white board:
Quickly and smoothly.
So easy it is
To simply close my eyes and dream.
Those around me are nothing but soft murmurs
And vague figures.
I can feel a collective sigh and I know
They feel it, too.
Around us is only warmth.
Inside me is only a single,

Beating heart.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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