Life is a War

Led here by struggles, almost defeated, badly wounded

A weak scoundrel I was.

I remain afraid.

No sense of direction to guide me,

and lost I became.


A vision of hope, out of reach, so hard to see.

Determined, I would now try to be.

Life, is a game too hard for the weak.

The greatest challenge of all, to love thyself,

I had to overcome.


Alive is what I feel now.

Fearless I appear, but paranoid I still am.

Happiness, my one true love, all I aspired to be: happy.

Care in the world, I have none.

Care for the world, I have many.

Simple I pretend to be.

Under pressure, the act crumbles, complex I become.


I fret my soul shall forever be misunderstood

but I allow no one close enough to understand.

I fell in love

and the darkness that was once

is no more.

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