Life Tick Tocks


I arise with the sun hoping for a better life,

awakening along with the disappearing starry sky.

I walk down the road thinking about the day ahead,

swift wind slipping past everything moving.

I talk amongst those similar to my age,

listening but not totally focused with the words escaping.

I sit in a room full of disinterested young minds,

writing about my escape from this dull space.

I sleep on the ride home not dreaming,

only thinking about the journey I made that day.

I lie in bed staring at the pale white ceiling with opening color,

dreaming about my future where I am somehow still the same deep down.

The clock ticks and tocks but I don’t change completely in the few seconds,

I don’t regret those past minutes of what I did or didn’t do.

Hours pass by and days go on without worry,

weeks become distant and months fade with satisfaction.

Years ahead and decades behind,

life is the one thing I am thankful for.

The short time spent here or the long time spent somewhere else,

I appreciate what I have and what I will continue to gain.

The clock will go on without me if I rest deep down under,

the earth will live on once I am no longer.

The people and creatures breathing without me,

will grow and continue to recreate.

Time goes on without us in it,

the people after us will take our place,

but the only difference is that they are not you or me,

they have their own way of thinking and living.


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