Life is symbolic....

Remember, an oath took place

between the salt and sugar!

The Salt will melt in your lust;

Sugar will dissolve in my blood!

Remember the betrothal took place

Between the seed and the soil;

The soil will smell in your armpits!

The seed will burst in your love;

Remember the sun will burn to ashes

moon will drown into the deep ocean;

Sky will open its umbrella when no rain;

Heart will speak to heart in a night pain

Love is an in-patient; in patience;

Lust is an out-patient; no patience!

Body becomes violent; break-through

Mind always silent; makes-it-thorough!

Whether it is a day or night,

A white candle cannot burn

Without a red fire at all, hence

Burn me, until I become the ash….

Life is symbolic; it is cross in a fire,

My love to you is a symbol of a

White candle, and our life is red fire,

Burn me, until I become the ash….






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