Life Sucks: A Letter About My Reality.

Dear Life, 

You suck. 

You are an evil, unforgiving entity that feeds off of negative energy. 

You are the shadows that dance in a dark room, the ones that make me paranoid. 

You are the shadows that twist and turn my neck over my shoulders to check for danger.

You are everywhere and nowhere all at once. 

You were there when my father left my mother. 

You wrapped your filthy tendrils around our family and split it apart. 

You ripped one heart into two pieces. 

You shattered the soul of two young girls: my sister and me. 

You taught me that fathers were no good. 

You taught me to never rely on a man, they were no good. 

But that is not true. Not all men are my father.

You just enjoyed tasting my confusion and desolation on the tip of your tongue. 

So, when I was twelve, you did it again. 

This time you placed malicious cells inside my grandmother's body.

You let her collapse in on herself and laughed as the rest of us collapsed too. 

You destroyed our lives with one diagnosis after another. 

Kidney failure, Multiple Myeloma, Stroke; each day was a living hell, and you made it so! 

You weakened her bones and her spirit. 

You sucked the life out of her slowly. You made us watch her in pain.

You sadistic demon. 

No one told me what to do to prepare. 

For divorce. 

For death.

For you. 

Yet, you are not always wicked. As most "bad" things are.

A storm runs out of rain. 

The sun rises again in the morning.

And you do not always make days hard.

If fact, you gave me my friends. 

You watered me like a flower, gave me light so I could bloom again. 

You brought me the boy I needed to learn to love again. 

No, you are not always evil or vicious. 

I see that now. 

Life, you have helped me become stronger. 

You have helped me become invincible. 

Life, I hate you for making me walk through Hell but

Thank you for giving me a reason to continue on. 



This poem is about: 
My family


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