Life Sucks

Life sucks.

I’ll be the first to admit that I fucking hate my sad existence.

But something I hate more than myself is when people feel the need to call out all of my flaws to me.

Like, I already know all this bullshit you’re spewing at me. So stop repeating yourself.

You’re wasting air. But that’s just it.

They’re wasting air and you’re wasting time.

Precious, precious time.

The time you are spending in front of your mirror picking at your every flaw, criticizing your every imperfection, you could spend doing something you love.

You could spend that time singing, dancing, laughing, scrolling through the interwebs.

You could save the tears caused by those vicious bullies for something more worthy of your darkest thoughts.

You could stop feeling numb.

Your can remember the feeling of happiness for a long time. You can forget what the pressure on your chest feels like when you feel a panic attack or depression day coming.

You can forget all of the damn pain! Remembering the pain is just going to hurt you more.

So stop. Just fucking stop. Stop feeling bad for yourself and stop picking at yourself.

You are you and no, you may not be physically beautiful, but is that really all that matters? In today’s society, we value physical beauty way too much to be healthy, literally.

Starving yourself is just going to make everything worse, including your appearance. Trust me, been there. Wear makeup for yourself or no one at all, because when you take that makeup off, you’re just going to look worse because honey, foundation clogs pores like hell.

I’ve also been there.

You are here on this planet to impress yourself. The only person who is going to truly love you and know you inside and out is yourself. And if you can’t do that, no one can.

And that is truly quite sad.

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