A Life Such as Mine

A smile, a compliment, a wave,

Impromptu gestures that could very well save

A life such as mine.


Friends to be seen and words to be spoken

Promises made and promises broken,

To one such as I.


To never forget but to always forgive,

To stand up, get up, and live

A life such as mine.


Life passes always through tears,

Laughs, joy, and fears

To one such as I


Life passes swiftly, quick as a blink,

No time to stop, not time to think,

A life such as mine


Every minute is an invaluable moment

Every second an irreplaceable fragment,

To one such as I.


To wake up and live

To make memories

To receive and to give

To persevere through injuries

To one such as I

Is the reason to live

A life such as mine.

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