Life Story


I wish I could just tell her I know and get all my anger out. I wish I could tell her I know she is lying. She is going to catch it from karma. Karma is going to do her right. She shouldn't have lied to me all my life. Keeping secrets from your family? Really? You do that? I thought you were  suppose to  be my role model. I guess not.. We already established that. You have been lying to me and my brother since we were born, but people aren't roaring about the problems before them. I try to keep contrite and live with this lie I have been told for the rest of my life. I have got trust issuses because of you. Now I don't trust a thing. I have no feelings they have all been drained. I have suffered a very horrible pain. I hope you understand my story believe and feel what I am saying. Maybe one day the ache in my heart will be free of pain. Maybe one day you can really tell me my last name...


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