Life Song

Each step is a beat in the rhythm.

Each breath is another note on the page of life.

The world was birthed through a flurry of music,

Creation divined through song.


I am a small phrase in the symphony of this world,

But I carry my own tune,

And my song is my lifeblood.


It rises as a message of thankfulness to those who believed in me,

Proclaiming that as long as I have my voice, I will be set free.

No system, no chain, no pain can diminish me,

Because when I sing, I project creation.


This strange and beautiful force,

Like another entity living inside my chest,

Is crying to be let out in the form of beautiful music.

Like a brilliant storm; wild yet controlled.


I embrace the truest nature of my being,

Exposed for all the world to see.

Staying silent would defy me.

Without my song, I would not be me.


My song is what I need. 


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