Life is a Ride

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 21:58 -- CynnEA

Life is a Ride


It’s always been about the journey,

To get to a destination planned,

But it’s better not to go alone,

To take a friend and run hand in hand.


It’s a wild ride,

So hold on tight,

Don’t look back,

And don’t lose your fight.


Sometimes it’s hard,

To find your place,

So take advantage,

Search at your own pace.


You’ve got your friends,

You made a mess again,

But you came this far,

It happens now and then.


Life is good,

Once you sort yourself out,

It just takes a push,

But your day will come about.


Take your life back,

Scream and shout with glee,

Because everything is awesome,

Even life,

You’ll see.

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