Life is precious- Suicide awareness

Tears in her eyes,

Time seemed to stop by.

Blade on her hand,

Blood will soon shed.

She was done with life,

so much bad stuff,

she wasn't tough, everyone said.

She did it, 

her fear long gone, 

thankful for it to be over.

A while later, 

her brother came in.

She could hear his screams,

he saw her bled.

Her blood was too red.

If only I could have stopped this, thought everyone,

we loved her to death, we'll be so unhappy now,

It's all our fault, timed seemed to halt.

What would we do now, life is so empty,

I wish I could get my little princess back, 

everything went black.

Another life gone, her mother's, 

now she felt too guilty, she wished time could go back,

as soon as that she woke up.

I'll never do that, life is too precious,

you only have one, 

you aren't going to let anything ruin that.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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