Life is Like a Painting


Life is like a painting,

we add more to it each day.

Forming different stories,

in many different ways.


Life is like a pianting,

for problems we'll defeat.

Adding definition and value,

to make that life complete.


Life is like a painting,

for setbacks we'll endure.

But the many obstacles we will face,

will open many doors.


Life is like a painting,

advice we will receive.

Ideas to make that painting better,

even if we disbelieve.


Life is like a painting, 

for with art I create life.

My works that repesent me,

relieve me of my strife.


Life is like a painting,

explains the perplexity we feel.

And it lets me show who I  really am,

with no need to conceal.


Life is like a painting,

whether it be abstract or be real.

One never truly knows for sure,

what the artist shall reveal.



Tried to tie my love of art into what it represents for me in my life.  (: 

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