Life or Death


United States
41° 2' 49.5096" N, 76° 57' 10.0224" W

However long a life may be,
Shall we cherish and mourn?
A human being born,
Into the darkness of life after?

I do not believe that,
Not everyone deserves praise,
The criminals and with their prison lunch trays,
They do not deserve death.

Deserving of life perhaps,
Not because death is of no punishment,
But we overlook the true punishment,
Life in prison is better than death?

I think not,
Not in modern day,
You go so peaceful, repent, and nothing you pay,
Life is worse, not peaceful in any way.

Life in prison,
Torturous that is,
Surrounded by sweat, blood, and piss,
People that want you dead.

You survive or die,
Likely become someones bitch,
Or else side with a CO and be a snitch,
Either way, you are risking yourself.

Death is peaceful,
Capital punishment is the lesser,
Two evils perhaps but one is better,
Not prison but the other.

Capital is not capital at all,
Death is freedom of spirit and mind,
Repeal such a penalty for lives of crime,
Forever isn’t enough.

But death…
Death is too little to count.


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