Life of a Nurse



Life of a Nurse

Another stitch, another stick

To stop the pain they feel

Though hurtful it may be 

I will comfort and heal.


Every patient- mother and child,

Husband and wife,

I will delicately hold in my hands.

I will cherish each life.


No matter how old or young,

No matter the age,

I will not close the book.

I'll just keep turning the page.


And when that tragic day finally comes,

When the book reaches its end,

The family's mind I will comfort 

And to their hearts I will tend


It won't matter the sins they've committed

Or the wrongs they cannot right,

I will give them all a chance

To them all, I pledge my life.


This job will not be easy.

In fact, it's incredibly hard. 

But, I will endure the fires of heartache and pain,

Until my body is charred.


I don't care about circumstances

Or the amount of damage that's done.

I will my patients my all

Every single, last one...



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