Life Nowadays

If life is a gift
God be an Indian giver and take me back to you
Back to my comfort place
Because when I close my eyes I'm there with you
I don't need to go to church to hear your word
You can say it to my face
You can look me in my eyes that you created
and answer my questions
What's the purpose of my life?
Why now?
Why this generation ?
Where I'm just the forbidden fruit to feed his ego and his appetite
Where commit doesn't get him full
And he needs more than one prey
I prayed
I would wake up from this horrible dream
But I woke up to an empty space in my bed
Just the ugly truth left on my sheets
All he wanted was a piece of flesh
He's an animal, a cannibal
And I'm a dead soul
Lord Resurrect me
Bring me back to life, give me my name back
Everything he stole from me he can keep that
All I want is me back
The person I knew is no good, full of sin
Lost in time trying to fit in
A generation I don't belong in
Restore the broken promises I made to myself
Allow me to repent
Blame it on the Devil who taught me how to satisfy my needs
When you were the only one I needed
They say love is blind so I'm sorry I lost my sight of you
I know I'm your child and you love me but love hurts
I come to you as I am
With all my imperfections, my baggage, an ugly past and
Scars to show how I fell
I come to you with open arms so you can receive me
Wash always my sins, arise my broken spirits
Bring me back earth where I can live another day with out regret and shame
Lord please just give me a name and a voice so I can testify
The day I got saved

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Our world


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