Life as of Now

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 00:31 -- JuanQ42
A day at my home away from home
Playing paintball 
with my team,
my crew,
my family. 
Something that not everyone gets to see.
The amount of fun,
I experience, 
when slinging paint.
With Paintball Revolution
I hope that never ends. 
Coming from what seemed to be
An unsuccessful beginning
to my high school career.
I now see, it's end is so near.
Training to be a better athlete.
Studying to be a better student.
Learning to be a better person.
Becoming Editor-in-Chief,
of The Buzz.
Taking over my days, for the better.
To make the most of my senior year.
Applying to scholarships.
That despite my past hardships.
I am creating my own future. 
Traveling the road less traveled by
As I focus on having myself apply.
Taking advantage of every opportunity.
Knowing that the future is bright,
with success clearly in my sight.
For it is not about how one starts, 
but how one finishes.
And I am just getting started.


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