Life is Never Easy


United States
37° 45' 19.7676" N, 122° 8' 46.3884" W

You think you have your life planned out,
Think again.
Life hits you in the hardest point,
One minute your walking alone,
The next minute your walking with someone,
Life is never easy.
Eight months together,
Happiness, Laughter,
Everything is perfect,
You found the right one,
The one to spend eternity with,
But there are turns to take,
Life is never easy.
You cry,
Tear after tear,
You questioned yourself, "Why is life never easy?,"
He's the one you say,
I want to be with him,
Why can't I have him,
Because Life is Never Easy.
Five years from now you find yourself in the same path,
Your whole life is planned out
Your walking, and then who do you see,
The familiar face, the glowing eyes,
"I've been waiting for you,"
Nothing can explain what is inside,
Only words being whispered in his ear with a smile,
"Life is Never Easy."


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