Life as a Millennial

I live in a world where my peers,

are drenched in their fears.

No one is truly living the life they want.

I’m so tired of hearing I can NOT.

I’m troubled by the very thought,

That our generation is only living to achieve the bare minimum that we’ve been taught.

We don’t strive or endeavour,

but rather watch our dreams fade.

The same message is being conveyed,

That life passes us by every single day.

Weeks go by but feel like hours

I feel like we're all in this constant routine

To me that not how life should seem

Some of us have lost our spark,

Lost our drive,

Also looking for a brand new start.

If you’re waiting for a new year’s resolution,

In hope that you’ll find a solution,


It’s all noise pollution.

You can’t wait for another day in hopes that you’ll completely change,

To rearrange,

And reevaluate.

Sometimes it’s not all up to fate.

People need to take a stand,

Prove a point,

Grab a hand.

Anything and i mean anything besides to sit and wait.

Get up today and clean your slate.

If you wake up and feel restricted,

Please stop being convicted,

Of the same foolish act,

Of living in the past.

Do what you want today.

No more waiting to be yourself another day.

Stop holding back what you want to say.

I know this all sounds very cliche,

But really we don't realize that we're getting any older.

That were continuously giving our futures the cold shoulder.

We sit in silence and wait for a sign,

Anything showing that someday it’ll be all dandy and fine,

But really we're all letting “the good days” pass us by.

Im fatigued and not from a lack of sleep,

But rather of dread that the hours will bring ahead.

All my desires put on hold ,

To attain someday when I’m old.

Why wait for the opportunity tomorrow,

When I have today.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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