Life Of Me

My life

Can be so complex but I don't know how to relieve this stress.

Problems in my family have me frustrated.

My mother

Tries to be strong but I see her break .I wanna help but it's hard when the

Family brings us down.

I wonder when things will change for her and us.


I try so but never accomplish in some of my family’s eyes

People look at me as an outcast but that's not true I am a human like you.

I feel and have emotions but my life moves in a different motion.

Trouble is not me. My whole life they say I've been nothing but trouble but that's not me.

My life is going to be based of education and my dreams.

I have an opportunity to better myself but I have to reach to high to grab it.

But why o why does it seem like I will never grab it.

Some people think I never do anything right that I'm terrible but I know I am not .

So I try to sit back and relax but it's hard when someone is always on your back .


don't get me started they hunt for my downfall there.

Always someone to pull me down.

The kids there are like lions waiting for me the gazelle.

Stalking me waiting for the right opportunity to strike and kill my confidence.

Lions at every corner even a friend can be a traitor that will kill my confidence.

Trying to cope with inside hurt bottled inside like butterfly in a jar.

Friends in my life

That is funny my only real friend is God .

Everyone else are people who I may speak to from time to time.

God I talk to all the time He understands me he listens he doesn’t judge me for my mistakes.

MooMoo and boyz

Boys don’t notice me as much but I notice them.

If a boy does notice me it makes me feel  as if I am special .

MooMoo omg he so cute we got history together but just as friends .

One day it might be more.I hope but right now We are just ....Cool.

My sister

Yes we argue like any sisters would but sometimes we hurt each other bad and it is both of our faults and we both know it. Our relationship is rocky sometimes but I love her truly.

My Grandmother

I love her so much but lord she is a lot to deal with. Nothing anyone does is acceptable to her. The only ones who can never mess up is her. She yells at me and my little sister for  arguing and talking about each other. But she talks about two of her sisters like they are just so horrible. She makes living with her so stressful for people.

 My Father

I love him so much just like I do my mother. He makes me laugh even when I’m in a bad mood. My father is a tough man with a soft side and it amazes me. I like to compare him to a teddy bear cause he always is there when you need him.

My Mother prt.2

So sweet and so tough. But sometimes she needs comfort too. Even if she says she doesn’t want it. My mother is a true soldier. She can deal  my grandmother. Why does a person that is so respectful get treated the way my grandmother treats her. I just don’t understand it.


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My family
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