A Life Lived in Local Lands

Town houses and beaches

Spread the great reaches

of the entire world in my mind.

I could not see

Beyond the sea,

Or even three towns over.


Venturing away

Was a sort of play

Happening on occasion.

But still I stayed,

Mind forbayed;

Not seeing what is out there.


But as of recently

My mind took the decency

Of deciding to explore the world.

In search of learning

And the constant yearning

To find those much like me.


I am growing up;

No longer a pup.

I am becoming an older fellow.

I have found love

And a new land of

People, culture and learning.


I’m moving away,

On a close day,

Later this same year. 

I’ll still return

Yet I must learn,

More than this small town.

As now I know

That I must go

To meet others from another’s land.


I now see

Past the vast, open sea

beyond the lazy town houses

There is much more

Than I saw before

I had to go reach for it.


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Our world
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