Life in a Letter Scholarship Slam Entry

Dear Jensen,

I wish the best for you and hope you figure out your way for our sake. I know you might quake from your journey, but please stand firm and do not forget who you are.

If you stay true to yourself and create from your heart, your time will come where it will all pay off. Don’t let others hold you back from becoming who you are inside, because they see neither your potential, nor your ambitions, nor your inner truth and origin. You soley have to walk your path, alone to make your own decisions. For our sake, you have it in you to overcome the deficiencies and obstacles that you face. Those do not define you, but mark the starting line as an individual who has begun their one-man race. Of all things to remember, remember that you’re in this because you want to fulfill yourself, enjoy life, and to spread beauty; there is no monetary value to those things. But contain much more value than you can ever imagine, and is worth much more than words and letters can convey.

It will be a hard climb on the ever skyward mountain, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Ours Truly,
Jensen DeCarlo

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