Life Lessons


Your hands traced the path of the woman I became.


Reluctantly saying “no”, I’ve come to easily point out the looks of carelessness,

As we compared souls I learned some relationships are one sided

Pitifully looked upon, I saw not everyone is there for you when needed

Insistent, the nudge you gave me was for greatness

Straightforwardly you showed how all doors could be opened even when they shouldn’t be

The moment I froze, you taught me the world kept going.


The flame you had was ablaze, confidence off the charts

And I learned my vulnerability should be hidden before taken advantage of

Until I saw, that blood spilt only mattered if it was mine

Guided to understand, I had everything because I was alive

Hell only rose when I disobeyed my parents

That glass anyone breaks will never be repaired.


Mistakenly taught women are always to blame and

Even you understood how suicide is never the answer.


Lets just forgive & forget, see that revenge never fills, & remember

“It takes two,”

Fore despite everything, you never taught me peace,

Everlasting thanks for the lessons you gave me.


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