Life In The Jungle


We get judged, disciminated against, 
and we been free ever since, 
I can't understand the world today, 
on how we stand and how much we pray, 
to be free from that too, 
we still get pushed over, nobody what we do, 
we just can't get a point across, 
knowing that others won't open their ears, 
I try to stand as a leader above my peers, 
but when trouble comes, we stand together in fear, 
this is a place where you don't want to make a mistake,  
so if i were you, I would pray for my own sake, 
it's a jungle out there, 
you can get lost, 
into a position where you dont want to stand, 
come back, greet the lord, and shake his hand, 
we all deserve a chance, 
to stay humble, 
but you should always know, 
that there is, 
Life in the Jungle.... 


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