Life itself

Mon, 11/23/2020 - 04:12 -- 0282791

My tear stained pillows begging me to stop.

Heart hurting unable to mop the pieces back up.

Eyes swollen like the day after surgery.

Head pounding like its getting beaten by a bat.

Chest pains for things out of my control.


The song bullies me till I'm unconcious

needing something or someone to help me out of 

this cautious state. 

Waiting to break completely with no glue or solution 

to fix me. 

I need help, I know I do. 

Fear of missing out on life is all I worry about. 

My mind is about to explode. 

Its overflowing with contant emotion.


Unable to flood it out. 

Unable to think clear. 

Unable to know which emotion is which. 

Unable to think of what the purpose of life is.


Tears fall from one word: 


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