Life Inside My Head (Struggles)

My thoughts

Once again they fight me


My mind

Betrays me every day


My emotions

Lack in self control


My hands

Cover my face as I cry


My eyes

Burn with anger and sadness inside


My feet

Take me places I shouldn't go


My pain

Makes me regret things every day


My friends

Only some understand me


My life

Is sinking once again


Can I remember what held me up

Can I go back to the way that I was

Can I forget the pain that I've caused

Can I just try to right all my wrongs


Is there a way out of this mess

Is there a way to just forget

Is there a way to change my past

Is there a way to be normal again


What can be done

Is uncertain


So maybe one day

I'll learn this


Get it right

For once in my life


I'll figure out

This mess called my life



wow. just wow. your poem is like all of mine that ive wrote for the past4 years, i love it and your style.


Thank you for your kind words. I wrote it during a pretty hard time in my life, but I'm doing better now! I'd love to read your poems if you have them publicly posted!

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