The Life inside a Life


United States
38° 48' 7.8804" N, 104° 43' 22.5408" W

Staring into her reflection, is someone she thought she knew
Crawling out of her eye sockets is rain and the clouds of regret float over her head frowning at the new, the new body she has
She takes a glance at her stomach, another glance into her own eyes.
A life inside
She rubs her stretched skin from underneath her baggy T-Shirt, questions emerge from the back of her mind.
Is it true? Is it true? Did this really happen?
A life inside
Seeing is believing and all she sees is pain, all she sees is a scar that made her eyes rain
A life inside
As she feels and feels the skin on her stomach, she remembers there is no more kicking
A life inside? A life that was once inside.


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